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Flight Ticket

If you are to travel via airplane, perhaps the most important thing for you to keep or have is your flight ticket. A flight ticket is a printed stub that shows proof that you are indeed a listed passenger for a said flight. Without the flight ticket, you can not (1) board the airplane and (2) push through with your travel. Hence, the flight ticket is so important it can make or break your whole trip.

In order to not have your flight ticket lost like most people, here are some tips on safekeeping your flight ticket:

Use your wallet

Okay, so it doesn't apply to every single flight ticket out there. Although not every flight ticket can fit inside your wallet, there may be instances when a flight ticket can. Sometimes it may be unwise to have your flight ticket folded since there is a barcode which would probably be scanned at a later time. Barcodes and other printed matter on the surface of your flight ticket might get tarnished or erased because of the folding.

Use your passport

The passport is the traveler's best friend. Not only does a passport serve its purpose of letting you in a foreign land but it can also be used as a container booklet. Once again, not every single flight ticket can fit a standard sized passport so it may just be inserted in between the pages. Having it inserted inside the passport, you would more or less see the flight ticket and not just leave it somewhere.

Use the fridge

Every person uses the fridge at least once a day and because of this, it is advisable to post your flight ticket on the fridge door. You may use magnetic holders to stick your flight ticket on the fridge door or if you have a tack board posted, you can use pins to have your flight ticket hanging there. Chances are, you would see your flight ticket each time you use the fridge.

Use the door

Use the house's main door as a sturdy posting board for your flight ticket. Sometimes it takes extreme measures to have you duly focused on something and in this case, it is to not lose your flight ticket. As a form of extreme measure, post your flight ticket to the main door in such a way that you could see it on your way out. This way it is hard to miss.